Vegetarian food for delivery in Spain

Whether it is for personal reasons or you are just after a health boost, eating a few vegetarian meals every week can really make a difference. Of course, that is not to say that veggie cuisine is simply for those of you looking after yourselves – it is also well known for some of the most delicious dishes readily available. Falafel, quiche, pliaf and frittata are some of the most enjoyable meals you can tuck into – but they are pretty tricky to rustle up.

And so, that is why Deliveroo have brought together some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Spain. Forget whatever your regular takeaway and instead dine at leading eateries but from the comfort of your own home. Forget cooking, forget the washing up, forget even getting dressed – enjoy delicious vegetarian meals without even lifting a finger through Deliveroo.

Spain: Vegetarian meals delivered straight to your door

Hosting a friend, but they’re vegetarian? Not sure what to cook? Well, how about not cooking at all? With Deliveroo you can order a grand variety of delicious vegetarian dishes. Falafel is one popular vegetarian dish; deep-fried chickpeas, or fava beans (and occasionally both) and is a traditional Middle-Eastern dish serve in pitta bread. A popular dish in many countries, you’ll often find a falafel stand in bustling city centres.

While some might feel that a vegetarian diet is limited, there’s plenty on offer. If you’re looking for something a little different, then try a vegetarian frittata, similar to an omelette of crustless quiche. Add a variety of vegetables (your choice) to an incredibly healthy meal. Other popular dishes include black bean potato nachos, halloumi, crispy sweet potatoes with chickpeas and tahini yogurt, or spiced cauliflower roast.

There’s nothing better than tucking into proper vegetarian food rustled up by a professional chef – and while you might be a dab hand in the kitchen, sometimes it’s best left to the professionals. Whatever you’re after, leave the pots and pans in the cupboard, put your feet up and order from one of Deliveroo’s amazing vegetarian partner restaurants.