Sushi delivery in Spain

Sushi might originate all the way from Japan, but that’s not to say you have to travel thousands of miles to enjoy this amazing cuisine. Here at Deliveroo we’ve rounded up the very best Sushi restaurants in Spain, all prepared and ready for your order. Quite simply, it’s going to be better than any store-bought sushi you’ve experienced before.

And sure, Spanish cuisine is amazing enough for some, but it’s nice to jump out of your comfort zone every once in a while don’t you think? Sushi is a great way to experience a cuisine from faraway lands. Delicious, but awfully hard to prepare. Well, we think it's best left to the experts, and so instead of going through the arduous job of preparing the many delicate dishes, get restaurant-quality sushi, prepared by an actual chef, delivered to your door.

Spain: Sushi done right with Deliveroo

Let’s take a break from Spanish food. It’s amazing, we know, but sometimes you’ve got to try something new. Maybe your connotations of what Sushi is might put you off, but honestly, it’s not really about the fish and more about the rice. It must be cooked perfectly, as the slightest error in consistency will turn the dish from sushi-goodness to sushi-sadness.

In this complex and varied cuisine, there is one firm favourite – the California roll. This inside-out sushi roll is made with rice on the outside and crab meat, cucumber and avocado in the middle. The outside is the sprinkled with either toasted sesame seeds, tobiko or masago. The amazing thing about this dish is its American origin – making the California roll non-traditional sushi (don’t worry though, it’s still great).

We also work with traditional sushi chefs, who will place the nori on the outside of the roll, or genuine sashimi instead, with wasabi-dabbed fish to add an extra element of flavour. Either way, and whatever you’re looking for, our many partner sushi restaurants in Spain will have exactly what you need. Order now and forget the washing up!