Pizza delivery in Spain

Spain is super passionate about food, and not only its own fantastic and varied national cuisine. Pizza, in all its simple glory, has become a staple part of the Spanish diet. Simple and easy to eat, it is loved by all across the world as a quick and straightforward meal to prepare. But you are not cooking, right? You have decided after a long day at the office you want to stay out the kitchen and put your feet up.

Whether you are after Greek pizza topped with feta, spinach and olives, or deep-pan American stuffed crust, oozing with cheese and topped with sizzling pepperoni, Deliveroo brings together the very best pizzerias that Spain has to offer. With us you jump past the standard takeway offering and dine on restaurant quality pizza from the comfort of your own home.

Spain: All the Pizza you need and more

We know that Spanish cuisine is amongst the best, but sometimes it is nice to take time out and tuck into something different. That is why we offer pizza from some of the most established and unique restaurants across Spain. Sure, they’ll serve up the classic pepperoni, or maybe even a margherita, but if you are after something a little more adventurous then we’re sure they can help.

From thick and crispy Chicago-style pizza, to Neapolitan, Sicilian and Californian variations, the world is your Pizza-shaped oyster. And then the toppings, which are more adventurous than you could ever imagine, from crab meat to kale chips and avocado, you need not settle for the classic meat feast pizza – of course, we won’t judge if you do go for the firm favourites (they are popular for a reason).

So, why even bother with classic takeaway pizza when you can have the best delivered straight to your door from the best restaurants in Spain. We deliver to most houses across the country, so grab the app, see if we cover your area, order, and tuck into delicious pizza pie without all the hassle.