Mexican food delivery in Madrid

Mexican food in Madrid is vibrant, delicious and fun. Sometimes spicy, sometimes not, tucking into a Mexican feast at home is one of the more fun ways you can spend an evening. Mexican cuisine is all about fresh ingredients and flavours and with a Spanish twist on the spices, Deliveroo couldn’t be more excited to bring your banquet to you.

Mexican cooking is simply packed with flavour; with garlic, citrus fruits and onions used liberally through meals so if you’re a fan of plentiful flavours, you will absolutely enjoy Mexican cuisine. Deliveroo cover most Mexican food places in Madrid so if you’re bored of the usual takeaway options, try out Deliveroo. You won’t be disappointed with the options on offer and trying something new is absolutely necessary, so get stuck in to crunchy tacos or stuffed tortillas.

Madrid: Tacos, tamales, tortillas – oh my!

A lot of countries have their own little twists on Mexican food and Spain is no different. Some people believe the food is pretty much the same thing, but it isn’t! Spain uses mainly saffron in its varying dishes whereas Mexican food uses a huge variety of spices including chilli powder, garlic and cloves. Mexico may speak Spanish, but it’s a culture and a cuisine all on its own.

Most Mexican meals are centred around beef, chicken or pork and the variety of meals you can have brought to you by Deliveroo prove this. Think chicken fajitas or beef mince tacos with chilli. If you’re a fan of the heat, you will love the fact that most Mexican dishes contain some of the hottest peppers in the world, including habanero peppers.

The best part about Mexican cuisine in Madrid is that you don’t have to leave your house to find it. At the end of a long day, going online with Deliveroo and ordering from one of the many restaurants we cover means you can enjoy gourmet, authentic Mexican food without any fuss. Don’t despair: we have the best restaurants listed on the Mexican section of the website!