Mexican food for delivery in Spain

Mexico might not be around the corner, but its amazing cuisine has certainly hit Spain with a bang. Enchiladas, burritos, spicy nachos with grilled cheese – they are messy, often saucy, but they sure are tasty. And sure, you might not be someone who likes to stray away from our very own amazing cuisine, but live a little, and dive into the amazing world of Mexican food.

Like all foreign cuisines though, they are often hard to get right. And, so here at Deliveroo, we think it is better left to the experts. We have partnered up with incredible Mexican restaurants and professional chefs to bring you the very best in Mexican food, straight to your door. What is better than the best food, from the best restaurants, without any washing up? We’ll tell you – nothing at all!

Spain: Delicious Mexican food brought to your home

New cuisines can be a little challenging, and so opting for a Mexican takeaway might seem a little strange. But some would argue that Spanish and Mexican food isn’t that different. While it’s true they share a similar style, there are a few key differences. First of all, Mexican food incorporates different spices, including chilli powder, garlic and cloves, while in Spanish cuisine saffron is their main spice of use. Then the meats used, such as shrimp being popular in Spanish cooking, while Mexican food is centred on beef, chicken and pork.

There are so many must try dishes in Mexican cuisine, one being the popular burrito. A large wheat flour tortilla filled to the brim with beans, rice, spices and sauce and any meat of your choice. Of course, you can go vegetarian and incorporate a variety of vegetables. A good burrito is comfort food at its finest, but honestly, with nachos, tacos, tostadas and rancheros on the menu, you don’t have to stick with the classic burrito.

Either way, order amazing Mexican food without all the hassle of cooking and washing up with Deliveroo. Simply order from our website or through the easy-to-use app. Simple.