Lebanese food delivery in Madrid

If you didn’t already know, there is an old tradition of warmth and hospitality that is firmly rooted in Lebanese culture. To that end, you know the food is going to be healthy, hearty and just so darn good! Arabic fare is popping up in spades all over Madrid and the sheer diversity of this cuisine is enough to leave you drooling.

What you need to enjoy fantastic Lebanese food is to have it delivered to you at home. Curl up with family or friends for a Middle Eastern floor picnic, set the table for an evening of fun, food and laughter. With Deliveroo, you can have a different kind of delivery with restaurant-quality delicious food brought hot to your door. There’s plenty of choice when you order, and your Lebanese spread will be on its way in no time – just get that knife and fork ready.

Madrid: Sahteyn – Twice your health

Along with its huge variety of choices, Lebanese cuisine is one of the freshest types of food on the planet. The Spanish know all about fresh ingredients which is why there are Lebanese restaurants in the city and Deliveroo is right on hand to bring you the best to your door.

Lamb is often the meat of choice in this cuisine, and although poultry is popular it isn’t on a par with lamb or even goat. Minced lamb rolled into sausage shapes for kafta, and cooked on the barbecue is a popular main dish with dips, salads and pita bread. With generous amounts of lemon, garlic and olive oil, it’s no wonder that those in the Middle East live long and healthy lives! Choosing Lebanese for your home delivery means you’re choosing healthy, filling and mouth-watering fare every time.

Deliveroo doesn’t just bring food. We bring restaurant-quality cuisine that has been carefully prepared by chefs who love cooking the food as much as you love eating it! Go online today and order your Lebanese takeaway with Deliveroo, now!