Lebanese food delivery in Barcelona

Healthy and tasty Lebanese food is on offer across the city of Barcelona and with Deliveroo within reach, you don’t even have to go looking for it. Crispy falafel balls and soft pitta breads can be brought to you at home so you don’t have to go out! Eating in is the new eating out and using a premium delivery service like the one offered by Deliveroo, you won’t ever want to go out to eat again!

Curl up with family for a healthy Middle Eastern floor picnic or set the table with friends for an evening of exquisite food made by authentic Lebanese food chefs. With Deliveroo, you can have a different kind of takeaway with restaurant-quality, delicious food brought hot to your door. There’s plenty of choice when you order, and your Lebanese experience is about to begin!

Barcelona: The Middle East meets the Mediterranean

For a meal that is filling, tasty and healthy, look to Lebanese cuisine. In Barcelona, there are a number of Lebanese restaurants that can bridge the gap between fans of vegetarian fare and meat lovers. Fluffy, nutty couscous served alongside lamb shish kebabs, while tabbouleh is a hit with fans of Lebanese food and, if you haven’t had a piece of that yet, you should order with Deliveroo.

With fresh ingredients used in every dish, Lebanese food is not only rich in natural flavours, it’s healthy and, for those looking for some heartily cooked meals on a calorie budget, Lebanese food is an excellent choice. Poultry is used in dishes more often than red meats, but lamb and goat are often the meat of choice in Lebanese cuisine. For pudding, you can get some wonderfully made baklava, or Lebanese ice-cream made with pistachios, dried apricots and fresh fruits. Lebanese food is often underrated in favour of other popular options like Chinese or pizza, but trying something new today could change your life!

We specialise in restaurant-quality cuisine that has been carefully prepared by chefs who love cooking the food as much as you love to eat it!