Lebanese food delivery in Spain

Spain embraces Mediterranean fare with a passion. It's why the Lebanese restaurant scene is so vibrant countrywide. Dining out in packed eateries among noisy diners, however, is not everyone's idea of a fun experience. And settling for a drab takeaway at home or in the office is no substitute for the real deal right? Good news folks—Deliveroo have arrived in Spanish towns and cities. Now you get to enjoy restaurant-quality Lebanese meals in the comfort and privacy of your own space. Just place your online order and set the table. Our dedicated delivery people will be ringing your doorbell in no time.

Despite the huge variety of wonderful dishes, starting a Lebanese meal is easy-peasy. It has to be the delicious hummus dip of course. Don't forget the warm pita bread to scoop up that delectable chickpea purée with its moreish tahini and hint of lemon juice.

Spain: Luscious Lebanese restaurant foods available for local delivery

Few would argue that Lebanese food is in a class all of its own. Some of the old traditional recipes go back thousands of years, to times when Romans and Phoenicians ruled the land. Today we have this wonderful fusion of regional fare and cultural influences from over the ages. Prepare your waiting palate for an explosion of spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, seafood and luscious meats.

For lovers of seafood, charcoal-grilled king prawns presented in a spicy sauce is food fit for a king. Savour every bite of a Lebanese-style roasted sea bass fillet, served with a selection of the freshest sautéed vegetables. A delicious Lebanese mixed grill has something for everyone. Take your time over those charcoal-grilled skewers loaded with seasoned lamb and thick chicken pieces. Don't forget to add some yummy garlic sauce to your order.

Make room on the table for couscous, cooked in creamy butter, garnished with tasty black raisins. How about some batata harra? Cherish every bite of those deep fried Lebanese spiced potatoes with onion, chilies and fresh coriander leaves. Order your next Lebanese spread with Deliveroo today.