Italian food delivery in Spain

Glorious Italian food is popular in Spain just like anywhere else on the European continent. How about those tasty aged cheeses and fresh baked breads that complement so many authentic Italian meals? It's not difficult to find a good Italian restaurant in Spain, but it's difficult to book a table in the best places to eat sometimes. Thanks to Deliveroo — Italy's local food delivery people at your service — the restaurant meals can now come to you. So if you want to stay in and avoid the hustle and bustle of dining out, now you can!

You deserve more than a TV dinner or sad takeaway meal. Take a look through our online menus and indulge in whatever takes your fancy. You can't go wrong with eggplant parmesan to whet your appetite. That lightly-breaded fried eggplant, topped with mouth-watering mozzarella, marinara and parmesan cheese will have your tastebuds dancing.

Spain: Quality Italian meal choices prepared and delivered locally

We all love our spaghetti and pizza, but there's so much more to Italian fare. The classic pollo marsala with its tender chicken and succulent wild mushroom sauce is incredible. Ravioli al pomodoro is another hot favourite in Spain. The irresistible cheesy ravioli with an amazing tomato sauces is truly sensational. What about some angel hair pasta served with a delicious basil and tomato sauce?

A salad with fresh baby greens, olive oil, lemon, and parmesan shavings makes a lovely compliment to any spread. For Italian soups, check out the chef's choice of the day or choose from the classics like minestrone. If pasta is on your mind, take your pick. Look to fusilli, tomato & basil, tagliatelle bolognese, crab ravioli and spaghetti lobster to name just a few.

Explore the side dishes from Spain's Italian restaurants, many of which are perfect for vegetarians and vegans. There's zucchini fritti, roast or mashed potatoes, tomato and basil, sautéed spinach, mixed salads and more besides. Italian cuisine is fresh, it's varied, it’s enjoyable and it's available for local delivery. Place your order with Deliveroo now and we'll be on our way.