Greek food delivery in Spain

The cuisines of Spain and Greece share one thing in common - the Mediterranean influence. Other than that, Greek food is distinct with its wonderful variety of dishes unique to the motherland. The Spanish welcome it too, as reflected in the many quality Greek eateries dotted around the country. When dining out or slaving in the kitchen becomes too much of a hassle, don't settle for a tasteless takeaway, turn to Deliveroo instead. Our fast, reliable restaurant-quality food delivery service will have a Greek spread at your door before you know it.

You want to start your order with some Greek pita, and that classic dipping sauce taramasalata. The silky smooth rose-pink fishy dip with its distinct lemon tang is simply irresistible. A few succulent garlic mushrooms also make a great appetiser before the main, or maybe a few crisp beef and mint meatballs is more your thing.

Spain: Quality Greek restaurant food available for local delivery

If you can't make it to Greece, let this amazing Mediterranean cuisine come to you. Build yourself the perfect spread using our online restaurant menus. Prepare to feast on meals made with fresh, exotic ingredients. Savour the lemon juice, olive oil, select herbs, and seasonal vegetables, accompanied by fresh baked breads. Choose your tender meat dishes from rabbit, poultry, lamb and pork.

For salad lovers, the Greek elliniki salata won’t let you down. Crunch on the fresh lettuce and cucumber. Delight in the flavours and textures of onion, ripe tomato, peppers, olives and tasty feta cheese. If you're sharing a meal with others, then check out the options in Greek meze. Choose from an impressive selection of delicious dips, cold and hot starters, followed by the main of your choice.

If it's a meal for two, a mixed-meat platter with potatoes prepared in lemon juice and olive oil is a great choice. Get some sides with your order as well, like Mediterranean roasted vegetables or a serving of creamy garlic leeks. Deliveroo will have your meal at your door soon after you place your order.