Dessert delivery in Spain

The desserts in Spain are simply sensational. Things have changed since the stodgy sweet food and drab looking sugary bites from granny's day, and it's all GOOD. Now you don't have to wait till the end of a big meal to indulge in your favorite treat. Yet few will go to a restaurant just to consume a delicious pudding, even if it's your only desire. Here's the solution: Deliveroo can bring restaurant quality desserts to your door. All you do is order from the menus and our delivery guys will have that sweet treat with you in no time.

For real authentic Spanish dessert, enjoy Leche Frita at any time of day or night. Relish the flavors and texture of this delicious, firm, sweet chilled milky pudding, encased in a warm crunchy fried shell. It's a dish guaranteed to curb any sweet cravings and hunger pangs.

Spain: Delicious Desserts brought right to your door

A supermarket takeaway pudding may curb a craving, but it won't send you into foodie's heaven. For that you need restaurant quality. A plate, a dish, or a bowl of something special, prepared to perfection, with skill and passion. Many in Spain have a sweet tooth, and their array of delightful foods reflect this. Take the classic baked bizcocho, an irresistible yogurt based cake with a wonderful fresh, lemony zest.

The perfect early morning dessert has to be torrijas. Stale bread soaked in an egg and milk mix, fried in extra virgin olive oil is just the start. The crispy outside of these little torrijas with their amazing fluffy centers are moreish to extreme. For an extra special kick, order them soaked in a sweet Spanish wine, topped with a delicious honey.

The Spanish flan (caramel pudding) is a national favorite. It comes with an incredible caramelized sugar and custard base, prepared in a water bath or bain-marie. With a sweet caramel sauce drizzled over the set custard it's impossible to stop eating till it's all gone. Satisfy your sweet craving now and order with Deliveroo, it can be on your table in no time.