Breakfast food delivery in Barcelona

The beautiful city of Barcelona is sunshine drenched riot of rainbow colour. Everywhere you look there are colourful sculptures, art and mosaics decorating the city. But it isn’t just the architecture that is tantalising and creative either, the food is too. Take a look at the Deliveroo breakfast section for Barcelona and wake up the right way with breakfast delivered straight to your door in minutes.

Barcelona’s breakfasts are fresh, vibrant and artistic like the city. You could have a takeaway every day of the week for months and not experience all the mouth-watering morning delicacies it has to offer. Eggs Benedict served on waffles, organic homemade pastries, sugar-crusted churros dunked in luxurious dark melting chocolate, tasty Spanish tortillas, or breakfast tapas anyone? Just go to Deliveroo’s website and order up a Barcelona breakfast delivery to die for.

Barcelona: Add some spice with a Spanish Breakfast

Breakfast in Barcelona requires sunglasses, so vivid, bright and exciting are the plates of food delivered to you. Only the freshest ingredients are sourced to ensure that locals eat the very finest the city can produce and the meals are all the better for it. Whether it’s a plate of smoked fish paella, eggs with halloumi and mushrooms or a giant serving of fried eggs and bacon Spanish style, the food is cheerful and hearty.

If you want the best possible start to the day, be it before work or for a lazy weekend brunch, Deliveroo brings the best of restaurant cuisine to your door. You don’t have to go out to eat a towering plate of oatmeal chia seed pancakes served with fruit, or heavenly homemade cakes, tofu sausages and poached eggs on muffins with prawns. Let your senses guide you to the Deliveroo website instead.

Healthy or indulgent, no one will judge. Get your family together for a feast of French toast or order an omelette and coffee for a delicious start to the day. Order now with Deliveroo and let breakfast come to you.